What to do with Dalyan Meatballs

All kinds of meatballs are delicious and useful. However, dalyan meatballs are much more delicious thanks to both its presentation and the food eaten. Although it is difficult to make, you will understand that it will be worth the effort when you eat it. Dalyan meatballs, also known as roll meatballs, will provide you with a wonderful dinner. While making Dalyan meatballs, you can also make some dishes with it. You can find some of these dishes in the rest of our article. With its unique flavor, dalyan meatballs is a dish that we should frequently include in our kitchens.


Pasta that you can make plain, with cheese, tomato paste, yoghurt or sauce has been both a satisfying and complementary flavor. You can also prefer Dalyan meatballs as a complementary dish.


You can enjoy the salad, which is the flavor we obtain by finely chopping and combining different ingredients, with dalyan meatballs.

Russian salad

Russian salad is a wonderful appetizer that you can make using peas, carrots and potatoes. It is a high-level food in terms of taste as well as rich in ingredients. When eaten with Dalyan meatballs, it provides a better dinner.


Ayran is one of our favorite drinks. With almost every dish, no one says no to ayran, one of these dishes is dalyan meatballs. Ayran is a must for Dalyan meatballs.


Pickles are a delicacy that we can often see on our tables. Pickles, which you can consume with every kind of food, will also be a good taste next to dalyan meatballs.

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