How Many Minutes Does the Pastry Cook in?

The baking time of a fragrant and fluffy pastry is approximately 30 minutes. Pastries, which have different cooking times according to the tariff and oven settings, are indispensable flavors of breakfasts and tea times. Pastries to be prepared by adding different materials can be given in different ways according to taste.

Cooking Time: 30 Min.

How is the pastry dough prepared?

• 1 virtual package

• 3 glasses of warm water

• 1 water glass measure of oil

• 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar

• 1 teaspoon salt

• 3 eggs

• Flour as much as you can

• 1 glass of yoghurt

Pastry Preparation

A pack of yeast is mixed with water, sugar and salt. With yoghurt, oil, egg and flour to be added, a dough that sticks slightly to the hand is obtained.

This dough is fermented for approximately 45 minutes. Small pieces of dough, which are twice the size, are opened and shaped by hand.

The inner mortar is placed and covered and placed on a greased tray.

In the tray, egg yolk is spread over the pastries that are expected to be fermented for at least half an hour and sesame is sprinkled if desired.

Put in a preheated oven at approximately 180 degrees, the donuts are baked until they turn golden yellow.

While cheese, potatoes and minced meat are among the most preferred ingredients for pastry stuff, today pastries with cheese, walnuts, tahini, chocolate and sunflower seeds are also in great demand. Bon Appetit.

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