Making Natural And Healthy Yoghurt At Home

Even though it seems very laborious to make, homemade yoghurt continues to be used in many homes and continues to be indispensable for both naturalness and health.

Yogurt Ingredients:

• 1 Liter of Daily Milk

• 1 Soup Spoon Yoghurt

Yogurt Preparation:

• Milk is boiled in a saucepan. During boiling 7 to 10 minutes. By mixing between it, the milk is allowed to breathe.

• After the boiling process is completed, the bottom is turned down and for 17 to 20 minutes. It is continued to be cooked on low heat without boiling.

• Cooked milk is transferred to the container.

• The milk left to warm is checked for fermentation. (If you can touch your finger to milk and last for 7 seconds, it means it is ready to be fermented.)

• Add a few tablespoons of milk in a bowl and mix the room temperature yogurt into the milk and the mixing process is completed.

• The fermented milk is wrapped around and over it with a cover so that the heat does not come out.

• After an average of 5 hours, it is uncovered and taken to rest in the refrigerator.

• The rest period should be at least 5 hours.


• Covering the milk at the fermentation stage with a strainer will prevent watering by providing the aeration process.

• If the yoghurt is made from more than one kilo of milk, it will be more beneficial in terms of both usage and taste to ferment it in various sizes instead of one container.

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