Recipe Category: Dessert

40 minutes

super easy

Nothing replaces jams, which are indispensable for breakfasts, and those made from home. In winter, you can make jam with seasonal fruits and enrich your breakfasts. You can make j

50 minutes


Ashura, which can be eaten not only in the month of Ashura, but also has managed to leave a different taste on the palate, is seen as a food that is both loved and different over t

35 minutes


Apricot Jam is an excellent taste made by the majority of our society every summer and consumed in abundant morning breakfasts in winter. Thanks to the fiber it contains, apricot i

30 minutes

super easy

Fig jam is one of the indispensable flavors of many tables. Fig jam, which is very nutritious, is also very easy to prepare. I have this ridiculous amount of ripe figs that I enthu