Bean Bream Ingredients And Recipe

50 minutes



Bean market is a great snack. When served with the main dish, it adds color to the table. It is also included in the appetizer class. My family used to make this steamed whole fish with black bean sauce often for dinner. I love seafood of any kind, especially steamed whole fish like this.

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1 Water Glass Boiled White Beans
1 onion
2 Green Pointed Peppers
2 Tomatoes
Half Bunch of Parsley
1 Lemon Juice Can be Used, Optionally, Vinegar
Olive Oil, Salt and Garlic

Nutritional Information

7.3g Fat
618mg Sodium
35.4g Carbohydrate
9g Protein




We boil the beans that we soaked the night before to soften them thoroughly and drain the water.
We chop the onion for thin slices.
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Add peppers

We chop the peppers and tomatoes so that they are not too small and finely chop the parsley.
We take the beans and all the ingredients we chop in a bowl and mix them well.
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In another bowl, we mix olive oil, salt and lemon and turn them into sauce.
We pour this sauce over the mixture and mix it gently again.
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Now is the time to take our blarney on a serving plate and present it to our guests. Preferably, you can decorate it with sumac.
Optionally, you can chop the boiled egg into small pieces and put it on it. There are also those who serve it this way.
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Blarney is in the food class preferred to be served cold.
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*Nutrition info is a rough estimate based on the ingredients. Note that values may vary from case to case.
As with all recipes, there is a number of ways you can get things done. If you believe that some of the instructions can be improved, or have a good alternative solution, feel free to leave a comment.

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