Dried Meatballs Recipe Made in Pan

55 minutes



Dried meatballs, which is a very accurate decision for those who want to eat meatballs with a taste of the mouth, also satisfy people’s eyes in appearance. It has an exquisite taste in terms of taste.

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Adjust Servings
Half a kilo of freshly ground ground beef
1 Egg
Some, Finely Chopped Parsley
1 teaspoon salt
Half Teaspoon Black Pepper
1 Teaspoon Cumin
Half Teaspoon of Chili Pepper

Nutritional Information

9.1g Fat
131mg Cholesterol
278mg Sodium
34.2g Carbohydrate
24.6g Protein




First of all, ground beef, stale bread, eggs, various spices and enough salt are put into a bowl and it is started to be kneaded well.
The kneading process continues until all the ingredients are mixed together and reach the consistency of meatballs.
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Add meatballs

Then, small pieces of meatballs are cut from the whole shape and these pieces are shaped in our palms.
After preparing our meatballs, we rest them in the refrigerator.
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Meatballs fried

The resting process takes 30 minutes.
Then the meatballs are fried well in oil so that they do not remain raw.
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The point to be careful about is not to burn the meatballs.
Then the fried meatballs are served hot.
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*Nutrition info is a rough estimate based on the ingredients. Note that values may vary from case to case.
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