My favorite rice: I share the recipe of Pilaf with Chicken

90 minutes



Chicken is the most commonly used food in cooking. Chicken meat, which has a high nutritional value, is also among the most preferred products due to its leanness. Chicken meat is more preferred for children who do not eat meat. You can entertain your guests by making delicious chicken rice.

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2 Pieces Chicken Breast
1.5 Water Glass Rice
3 Glasses of Water
3 Soup Spoon Liquid Oil
Black Pepper And Salt

Nutritional Information

4.4g Fat
64mg Cholesterol
130mg Sodium
28g Carbohydrate
26.3g Protein




First, the chickens are washed and left to boil in a deep saucepan in 3 glasses of water.
For pilaf, wash the rice and let it drain.
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Take the boiled chickens out of the pan and wait for them to cool down.
Glowing chickens are pinched.
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Cooker and add rice

Add three spoons of oil to the rice cooker.
After the oil is heated, rice is added to the filtered rice.
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Add some salt and water

Add some salt and add 3 glasses of hot water.
2 glasses of chicken broth can be used to make chickens delicious.
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Rice boiled

After the rice is boiled, the chicken that has been sorted is added to the pot.
A few spoons of the chicken rice left to rest is taken into a serving plate.
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Served dish

Served with black pepper.
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*Nutrition info is a rough estimate based on the ingredients. Note that values may vary from case to case.
As with all recipes, there is a number of ways you can get things done. If you believe that some of the instructions can be improved, or have a good alternative solution, feel free to leave a comment.

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