What Goes Near the Liver Ceiling

Liver pan, which becomes a different flavor when hot and a different flavor when cold, is the famous dish of Edirne region. Although the liver, which is a very beneficial food for our body with its high nutritional value, is delicious in every form, the liver pan has a different place. No matter how delicious the liver pan is, it may not be enough on your table alone.

With alternative complementary dishes, your meals will become more delicious. What goes next to the liver ceiling? Let’s give some examples of these dishes.

Onion Salad

With plenty of sumac and olive oil, the best thing to go with the liver will be onions. Don’t miss out on your table when you fry the onions, which you will slice into thin half rings.


Arugula, parsley, lettuce and various greens will fit perfectly into the liver pan. You can spice up your tables by putting lots of greenery next to the liver ceiling.


We try to include a drink in every meal, every meal. Ayran is the drink that will go best next to the liver. If you wish, you can also make cacık next to the liver, which you can decorate with dill and various greens instead of ayran.


You can also choose the pilaf, which is great with every meal, next to the liver. Pilaf will be both hearty and delicious next to the liver.


Frying that you can make from various vegetables will also go very well with the liver. Any kind of fried liver, whether different or mixed, can be placed next to the pan.

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