What Goes Well Next to the Elbasan Ceiling?

Elbasan Tava is a pure pleasure presentation. The main ingredients are boneless and lean cubed meat, onions, flour, spices, eggs and broth. These ingredients can be mixed with a wide variety of flavors. For example, Elbasan Pan looks richer and stronger in flavor with seasonings such as peas, bay leaves, garlic, rosemary. What is suitable for a dinner that you will serve Elbasan Tava? You can see them below.

Spring soup

Soup is the best opening for any meal. In this example, Yayla Soup is one of the best soups for Elbasan Pan.


Sakshuka made with eggplant is a flavor that always adds color to the table.


Even those who don’t like broad beans will like a well-made fava. You can have this appetizer on your table as one of the flavors that go very well with the Elbasan pan.

Stuffed Roasted Peppers

This flavor will be very useful as an appetizer or with olive oil. If you want to have a colorful plate, you should never miss your red roasted peppers from your table. When you fill them with curd cheese, you will have a taste that suits your menu very well.

Albanian Liver

Here is another one of the best flavors. Albanian Liver is very good with Elbasan Pan and everyone loves Albanian Liver. Definitely the right choice for your banquet.

Keşkul with Pistachio

You might think, can a green taskul be this delicious? But when you taste it, you know the answer. The most delicious and sweet ending can only be with pistachio keşkül.

For Elbasan Tava, sherbets that you have made at home can be used as a drink at dinner. Even if you mix your homemade sherbet with mineral water and sweeten it with some honey, you can get natural sodas. Making these treats with fresh lemon slices will provide you with a more delicious and more ostentatious presentation. And if you put decorative ice in your serving glasses, your table will definitely be very stylish.

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