What Goes With Beans

Among the dishes that go with green beans or dried beans, rice pilaf, bulgur pilaf and cacık are the most preferred dishes.
Dry beans are the most consumed legumes and are cooked or blushed.

It is generally preferred to be cooked in a casserole to obtain a delicious meal. When it comes to beans, the first thing that comes to mind is of course rice.

Rice pilaf is among the indispensable dishes with beans. There will also be a great dinner menu with a great shepherd’s salad , sliced ​​onion, buttermilk and pickles .

How should it be presented?

You can put your dry beans in consistency on the serving plate. You can create a visual feast by placing the rice in shaped silicone cake molds and turning it upside down on the plate.

A sprig of basil or parsley to be placed on rice will prepare the environment for your serving plate to look very elaborate.

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