What Goes With Chicken Meatballs

There are various dishes and different tastes made by our housewives. One of them is chicken meatballs. Unlike normal patties, chicken patties are made from chicken thighs or chicken breasts. There are some complementary dishes you can choose alongside the chicken meatballs, which are really delicious. These dishes are as follows.


Pilaf is indispensable in our kitchens, it is a dish that fits almost any meal. Rice, which goes well with any chicken dish, is also one of the best dishes with chicken meatballs.


You can also choose a variety of soup before chicken meatballs. It is recommended that you drink a warm soup before each meal. It is indispensable for every meal. You can prefer lentil, ezogelin, plateau or tomato soup next to the chicken meatballs.

Russian salad

You can prefer the Russian salad, which is a delicious appetizer, with chicken meatballs. Russian salad, which will enrich and decorate your table, is the best appetizer, especially with rice and chicken meatballs.


Turnip can adapt to all kinds of meat or chicken dishes. Drinks that are indispensable for every meal. You can also choose turnip next to chicken meatballs.

Tzatziki or Ayran

As an alternative to shalgam, you can make tzatziki or buttermilk next to chicken patties. Tzatziki or ayran, which you can enrich with greens such as dill, mint and parsley, will be a nice drink with chicken patties.

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