What Goes With Eggplant Seating?

Eggplant snap is one of the unique flavors based on Ottoman cuisine. It would not be right for people who are forbidden to eat frying to choose this dish. People who do not have any stalking problem do not have any trouble eating this meal.

Making the frying process in olive oil is an important detail in order to get rid of the harms of frying even a little bit.

For this meal, first the aubergines are bitter, then the eggplants are dried and salted. Dry and salted eggplants will absorb less oil. Afterwards, eggplants are thrown into hot olive oil.

Some people prefer olive oil as a Riviera for frying. This is harmful. Olive oil should only be consumed as extra virgin.

The tastes that will go well with the eggplant are presented in the menu below.

Tomato soup

The presentation of tomato soup is also very delicious. It is a soup that fits well on the menu in general.

Sea Beans

A wonderful flavor is created with only garlic and olive oil. Its name is Sea Beans: All that needs to be done is to wash them well and boil them well.

Fried Pumpkin

If frying is done with extra virgin olive oil, it is absolutely healthy. Of course, the oil should not be burned and used over and over. Fried Zucchini, which will be served with garlic yogurt, fits well with the Eggplant Seating dish.

Shavings Pastry

Decorate your table with a different pastry and appetites are widened even more.

Tavern rice

This rice goes well with Eggplant Seating.

Coconut Keskül

Keskül is a very valuable flavor in essence, but it is also suitable to be crowned with different flavors. Here, this trial was successful.

Calcic is a flavor that suits all dishes with eggplant. In the menu, it is recommended to serve tzatziki for eggplant seating.

However, the approval of the guest must be obtained whether or not to put garlic in the calcic. Because not everyone enjoys the smell of garlic. Therefore, guests should be asked, optionally, garlic should be added to the calcic.

Likewise, it is also valid for fried pumpkin in the menu. For frying pumpkin, garlic with yoghurt is a good sauce.

However, on a day when the guest will come, the garlic should not be peeled without being asked, and the house should not be allowed to smell garlic.

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