What Goes With İslim Kebab?

İslim kebab is a very elegant main dish on its own. What can be eaten with this unique dish? What can be done to make the menu look richer? Below is a menu of what can be done while there is İslim Kebab in the main course.

Pumpkin Soup

Would you like to have an orange soup? Let it envelop you with a very pleasant scent. It may be nice to try an amazing taste before Islim Kebab.

Olive Oil Kidney Beans

Red mullet is a very satisfying meal that tastes as long as it stays. It will look very stylish and delicious on the table, both with olive oil and as an appetizer. It is a very suitable choice for Islim Kebab.

Cheese Rose Pastry

Rose pastry is easier to eat. They are even more successful, especially when done alone. Rose Pastry with Cheese will cheer up the table and support İslim Kebab.


Steam ika flavor, which means boiled kibbeh, is eaten plain. It can be served before or after the kebab.

Bulgur Rice

Bulgur Pilaf goes better with Islim Kebab. The point to be considered here is that tomatoes must be found in bulgur in large quantities.

Carrot Slice

Not without dessert. Those sitting at the table for İslim Kebab will use very correct and successful expressions for the last dessert. Because these flavors are very compatible with each other.

Eggplants can be fried or roasted in İslim kebab. Although it is healthier to roast, the tastier one is always fried.

It will be appropriate for you to decide this according to the age of your guests. Roasted eggplants are more suitable for your elderly guests.

Choosing coarse bulgur for rice will add richness to the side dish. You can add chili pepper to your pilaf for your bitter guests. For Islim kebab, hot bulgur pilaf is considered the more correct choice.

When ayran is served with it, the effect of the pain will be lessened. Plenty of tomato paste or tomato should be used in bulgur pilaf.

The fact that the bulgur to be placed next to the Islim kebab is very oily and red creates a more appetizing effect. Therefore, butter can also be added to the bulgur pilaf.

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