What Goes With Spinach with Minced Meat?

Spinach with minced meat is very rich in iron and it is recommended to eat often, especially for the elderly and children. Spinach contains nitrate. To clean this from the vegetable, the spinach must be dipped in boiling water and removed after washing. This time is half a second. There will be no nitrate left in the spinach that is quickly dipped and removed, it will leave itself in hot water.

This process must be done. However, it is important not to soak in hot water, just dip and remove it immediately.

Since all the benefits of spinach waiting in hot water will pass to the waste water, this period should be paid attention to. If this process is not applied to spinach, the nitrate in it turns into nitrite with its heat. And it has a poison effect.

This builds up in the body over the long term and causes damage. In some cases, it can be effective immediately. In addition, cooked spinach should never be heated while being eaten again. What goes well with spinach with minced meat?

Pasta with tomato sauce

This pasta is a classic of pasta. It is perfectly suited for a classic meal.

Pasta with Mushroom Sauce

Mushroom adds another identity to everything it is involved in. Especially mushroom creates a very necessary horse in pasta. This pasta is a very suitable flavor for your table with Spinach with Minced Meat.

Lentil soup

Lentil soup can be served with lemon for iron support.

Potato Pastry

It will add richness to the table in such a meal. It can be presented as arm or same.

Stuffed Leeks with Olive Oil

The parts of the leeks are taken and filled with bulgur. The leeks are placed tightly side by side so that they do not scatter while cooking. The cooking time is 2 hours. It should be cooked on a slow fire with plenty of olive oil and tomato sauce.

Candy Pare

At the end of the meal, two pieces of sugar would suit the coffee very well.

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