What goes with Stuffed Chicken?

Stuffed chicken, which is mostly made in the new years, is ideal for those who do not like turkey meat. The first priority is to use natural chicken for stuffed chicken. Please choose to use natural chicken in all chicken recipes.

If you do not have such a chance, try to stay away from chicken recipes as much as possible, because chicken in the market has no meaning other than poison. It is important not to neglect this, as natural chicken is both beneficial and tastier.

A very rich dinner with different flavors can be created for stuffed chicken. A menu to be prepared for the new year is listed below.

Chestnut Cream Soup

This soup has an exquisite consistency and smell. For a more successful soup, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon can be added to the soup at the last boil.

Olive Oil Celery

Please make room for olive oil dishes on your table. Because vegetable means pulp and stalk.

Stuffed Leaves

Although there are some apparatus for wrapping leaves, most people still wrap them in their hands because there is no hand control in any apparatus.

Stuffed peppers

Liquor Stuffed Pepper will also be in the olive oil section on the table. This is one of the tastes that go well with the main dish.

Water Pastry With Minced Meat

This is a great choice.

Pumpkin dessert

It is also known as the most beautiful dessert of winters. It is very useful if consumed with light sugar and plenty of walnuts. It also suits the menu very well.

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