What Goes With Stuffed Zucchini?

There is no one who doesn’t like Stuffed Zucchini. Especially the stuffed zucchini, made with rows of meat and poured with butter, can be enjoyed. Let’s see what can be eaten with this special flavor below.

Cacık Our

traditional cacığ is always on the stage.

Garlic Yogurt

This is one of the indispensable consistencies. It is only necessary to make an inquiry for the place of use before use. The same is true for tzatziki.

Lamb tandoori

Lamb tandoori is very successful in a menu with Stuffed Zucchini. Having this heavy meal in the main course provided the balance.

Fresh Beans with Olive Oil

Fresh Beans with Olive Oil is the favorite dish of all time. It goes very well with Stuffed Zucchini here.

Tomato soup

For those who want to drink soup, this soup is also on the compatible list.

Cheese Pastry

Kol pastry is especially good with cheese.


It is a very popular home dessert. It is also a very correct name for the menu.

There are important details in stuffed zucchini. If you apply them carefully, you will have more delicious stuffed zucchini than before. First of all, the meat in the stuffed zucchini must be real lamb.

Putting plenty of black pepper in the stuffing makes the taste more perceptible. Butter is considered more compatible with this dish than olive oil.

Another thing to note for stuffed zucchini is mint. Mint goes well with zucchini, fresh or dried. Therefore, dry mint should be used for stuffed zucchini with meat, and fresh mint should be used for stuffed zucchini with olive oil.

Bulgur can be used in stuffed zucchini. The bulgur to be used here will have to be medium grained. Very coarse bulgur will be coarse and very fine bulgur will also be meaningless.

Much more tomatoes should be added to the stuffed stuffed with bulgur in the middle of the two. If available, tomato juice will be the best ingredient for stuffing stuffing. Dolmas should not be cooked for too long. Therefore, if bulgur is used in the stuffing, it is to be cooked very little from the front.

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