What Goes With Stuffing

For some, dolma with olive oil is nice, for others it should be meaty. Either way is beautiful. We can count the stuffed green peppers, dried peppers and eggplant stuffed, stuffed zucchini. The stuffing, which also differs according to the regions, is indispensable in some places.

What Makes It Beautiful With Stuffed?

Dolma is also a satisfying dish on its own. But if we want, we can offer a tarhana soup first . It will be very nice to have an iced tzatziki prepared with yoghurt, cucumber and mint .

How to Prepare Stuffed Olive Oil? 

Rice is washed well. 3 or 4 onions are chopped according to size. Spice is added upon request. Tomatoes are grated, parsley dill and green mint are finely chopped and added. By adding olive oil and salt, we prepare the inside. We can use this stuffed bowl with the vegetables we want.

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