What goes with Tas Kebab?

Tas kebab is the most well-known Turkish dish. Anything goes with this dish. But especially the usual flavors should be preferred more. For the most traditional taste among meat dishes, it is necessary to buy lamb. Since the beef is not very healthy, the taste of the old beef has been lost. Lamb meat must also be purchased from a very safe place.


It is the best taste. It is more convenient to make it with dense yogurt.


It is one of the most important tastes in Turkish cuisine. Pickles contain probiotics and they work very well.


Rice Pilaf should be known as a must for Tas Kebab.

Red Lentil Soup

Iron source Red Lentil Soup is a very successful choice, especially since Tas Kebab is on the table. Everyone should know that lemon should be eaten to benefit from iron.

Olive Oil Leek

Leek is delicious in the olive oil section.

Boiler Bottom

All your guests will be pleased when the lightly burnt desserts come to the table.

You need some chicken breasts to make wondibi at home. Please use natural chicken for this, because all packaged chickens on the market are hormonal.

Therefore, it is something that should definitely not be used. Can’t Kazandibi be without chicken? Of course, even ready-made ones are sold in the market. You can buy this mix and make it yourself.

But the healthier and tastier one is the one made from pure chicken breast. And the flavor will peak with real milk.

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