What Goes With The Casserole

The tradition of making stew that has come from an old age has continued for many years. The meats are chopped into cubes and cooked over embers by adding tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and various chili peppers.

If we think about what kind of food we can consume besides the casserole; At first, it should be oven baked pita, or hot bread. It comes with coke, airman and tea at the end.

Casserole is a delicious food that is consumed without any food besides it. Casserole is among the traditional foods that are generally consumed after the feasts of sacrifice or celebrations with a small number of people.

You should definitely have fried hot peppers with casseroles. In addition, fried onions and tomatoes can be consumed according to the taste.

A lot of foamy and cold airman not only goes well, but also helps digestion.

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