What goes with the juicy meatballs?

If you wish, juicy meatballs, which you can add bulgur into, take a place on our tables with its wonderful taste. The juicy meatball, which is simple to make, is one of the indispensable dishes of Turkish cuisine with its magnificent taste. You can enjoy a hearty and delicious meal with the complementary dishes you will make next to the juicy meatballs, which are ideal for dinner. The best dishes for juicy meatballs are as follows.


The crown of any dish is the perfect filling, which goes best with pilaf juicy meatballs. Rice with vermicelli, chickpeas or shallots will add flavor to the flavor of juicy meatballs. You can easily make pilaf with juicy meatballs, which is a great complementary dish.

Vegetable Dishes with Olive Oil

Olive oil mullet, leek or artichoke… Choosing the best taste for your palate along with juicy meatballs provides variety to your table.

Seasonal Salad with Plenty of Greens

Salad made with plenty of greens according to the season is an ideal choice to decorate your tables. As with all other dishes, do not forget to make seasonal salad alongside juicy meatballs.

Potato salad

As an alternative to the seasonal salad with plenty of greens, you can also choose potato salad alongside the juicy meatballs. Accompanying all kinds of meatballs properly, potato fits perfectly as a potato salad alongside juicy meatballs.


It is one of the best alternative dishes to go with pickled juicy meatballs, which are beneficial as well as delicious. You can include many types of pickles, including salads, carrots, or pickled tomatoes.

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