What Goes With The Pastry?

Since we have a wide pastry culture, there are many types of pastry recipes. Generally, broke can be prepared to be consumed at dinner or breakfast, although the days of the ladies are abandoned.

If it is considered for the day, although the dishes that can go with the pastry vary depending on the type of the pastry, a seasonal salad made with lettuce, carrot, green onion, tomato or cherry tomato can be added to this menu. As another alternative, it can be made barren next to the pastry. A slightly hot and very sour barren recipe made with fine bulgur for meatballs will go well with the pastry.

Among other dishes that can be added to this menu, pumpkin salad with yoghurt can be added for day guests . A simple recipe made with zucchini, walnuts and yoghurt can go well with the pastry. If dessert is to be preferred, this menu created for the day can be completed by choosing one of the cookie types or making a cake.

If broke is to be made for dinner, the service should be started with a soup first. Soups such as ezogelin, tarhana, lentils can be preferred for soup. If this menu is seasonal, the menu can be enriched by adding mixed pickles. In addition, stuffed peppers, zucchini, eggplant and red peppers or a mixed stuffing by choosing these vegetables can be included in a dinner menu that will be created with the pastry.

It would be much more appropriate to add compote to this menu instead of making dessert . A menu that does not consist of too heavy meals will be created by choosing one of almond, cherry, prune, apricot, and grape compote.

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