What goes with the Shepherd Roast?

Çoban Kavurma is one of the very special tastes. Since it is a dish prepared by shepherds, there are many spices belonging to nature in this dish. Those who wish can make this dish by adding less spice. Çoban Kavurma is a main dish. So when the Shepherd’s Roast is on the table, it’s a better idea to avoid another main flavor that will overshadow its splendor. Below you can see the flavors that Çoban Kavurma gets along well.

Yoghurt soup

If you serve this fresh soup with red pepper and butter on it, you will have a more viscous and more delicious presentation.


One of the most suitable salads for Çoban Kavurma is Gevurdağı salad. Your salad with plenty of walnuts will be liked by everyone.

Olive Oil Leek

We always need some pulp, especially before eating meat. Vegetables with olive oil to be eaten in the front will also have a preventive effect in terms of digestive problems you may experience at night.

Favalı niche

Making a niche requires mastery, but you can already cook more delicious meals than the masters. If you want to add elegance and a different flavor to your table, you should definitely add Favalı Niche to your menu. It will be in perfect harmony with Cuban Kagura.

Fried potatoes

French fries are a favorite of all ages. One of the best side dishes for Shepherd’s Roasting is fried potatoes. If the apple is fried in slices, its taste and appearance will be even more intense.

Forest Fruit Rice Pudding

Rice pudding can be variegated with forest fruits. For this, all you have to do is to add your forest fruits while pouring your rice pudding into the bowls. Living and keeping an extraordinary rice pudding experience will be very enjoyable at the end of your treat.

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