What Goes With Trotter Soup

Due to our culture, we attach great importance to soup. Although these soups vary according to their own cultural societies, some soups are frequently preferred in our country.

The most important of these soups is Pica Soup. This pica soup, which is generally consumed by going to soup shops in the morning, is known as a soup prepared from the meats and fats of animals.

Mixed salad

Pace Soup is a unique combination with a mixed salad to be prepared . With this unique duo, people consistently get a good start at the beginning of the day.

Flavor the Trotter Soup

Butter butter is not necessarily mixed with Pica Soup . The soup, which is consumed by adding garlic along with butter, gets a unique taste.

A unique taste is obtained by consuming tandoori bread with cheese to be prepared alongside the pica soup .

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