What Goes With Your Belly

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to carnivore is rice pilaf. This dish, which cannot be considered almost without rice, is very special for Turkish cuisine. This special recipe, where vegetables and meat come together, is served with rice and tzatziki or airman.

Karniyarık, which is a great choice for hosting guests, is also very special in terms of presentation. Olive oil options that should be on the table before the carnivore include red mullet, potato and pepper fries, potato flea or purslane meal.

Shakshouka; Şakşuka, which is prepared by diversifying zucchini, potatoes and fried peppers with tomato sauce, can be added if there is no eggplant in the main course.

After all the ingredients are cut into cubes, potatoes, zucchini and finally peppers are fried into a mixture and served with fresh tomato grated.

It is preferred that the rice to be cooked next to the cauliflower is plain. A white rice pilaf without even noodles will help you create wonders in terms of presentation.

Rice with vermicelli; If you want to make a little change on your table, you can prepare a pilaf consisting of noodle only. You can chop and roast the garlic and onions and cook your rice with one measure of barley noodle and two parts of hot water. While making this pilaf, you can also add grated tomato.

You can get a two-color rice by roasting half of the noodle you will use. The service you will make with tzatziki or ayran will ensure that your guests leave the table satisfied. Bon Appetit.

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