What to Do Next to Hair Roasting?

For roasting, it is important to choose the meat well. Hair roasting from beef is not very successful. Lamb meat is best suited for roasting hair. But meats that have grown old and become sheep will also give off a bad smell. Lamb meat should be taken for hair roasting. And the interaction of meat with metal should be prevented.

Special hair for roasting is sold. If taken from them, the result is even more delicious. Wood mixers should be used in hair roasting and all meat dishes.

In this way, the meat is prevented from being hard and the food becomes more delicious. Thyme should definitely be used in roasting hair, but when thyme is thrown into the hair makes a big difference in taste.

Thyme should be thrown into the hair after roasting the meat. Thus, the smell of thyme will be more dominant in the meal. What goes well with roasting hair is given below as a menu.

Artichoke Soup

If made with cream, this flavor will undoubtedly deserve the title of best soup flavor.

Potato croquettes

These wonderful flavors are both decorative on the table and add a great pleasure to all flavors.

Cauliflower Chips

No need to buy chips from outside for nothing. The cauliflowers are cleaned, washed, lightly boiled, then dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and fried in hot oil. This is how chips are formed. It is one of the flavors that are very good for roasting hair.

Bosnian Pastry

If it is made with potatoes and minced meat, it will be the most delicious.

Plain Rice Pilaf

Rice Pilaf is both a popular flavor and very well suited to Hair Roasting.

Creamy Bread Kadayif

Everyone who wants an extreme taste at the last point should prefer Ekmek Kadayif for dessert.

There are many different recipes for roasting hair. Mushrooms are also added to new recipes. However, hair roasting with mushroom addition definitely creates a flavor other than the original hair roasting. Therefore, it is more reliable to choose the original hair roasting.

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