What to do next to Hünkar Begendi?

Hünkar Begendi is a dish often eaten in palaces. Served with cider or sherbet, this dish can be preferred as a very elegant main course. The heavy weight of the guests can also create an effective presentation in this preference. For the Hünkar Begendi menu, it would be more correct to have a very rich menu of meat on the table, and to take care to include exemplary tastes from the Ottoman cuisine in other choices. Then it is necessary to look at the most suitable flavors for Hünkar Begendi.

Mother Daughter Soup

There are different sizes of meatballs in this soup. Meatballs are made of bulgur. Meat is also seen as cubed in soup. For a very rich entrance, this soup can be a standout.

Palace Style Milk Soup

This soup offers a calmer start. But because it is the soup of the palaces, Hünkâr Beetle stands in a very elegant accompaniment.

Pistachio Cinnamon Stuffed Peppers

Here are the olive oils. Hünkâr Begendili always looks good with olive oil from stuffed peppers on the table. Moreover, cinnamon and pistachio are also here. The full Ottoman cuisine is quite successful as it is.

Cheese Flat Pastry

Everyone loves the sheet pastry. Because it opens thinly and you can feel it while eating. Placing these pastries on both sides of the table with cheese will increase the appetite and also create an eye-pleasing effect.


Rice must be a must in the palace kitchen. Especially on a night with Hünkar Begendi, there should be rice. But simply.

Palace Wrap

It is a lush dessert inside because it is produced from peanuts. It is very enjoyable to come to the end of the meal with a very delicious and useful dessert.

For Hünkarbegendi, cheddar cheese should definitely be used. However, special attention should be paid to choosing the cheese with the lowest salt content. There are also cheeses sold in special gourmet markets for this. Getting them from them would be even better.

Apart from that, another issue that needs attention is the selection and process of eggplant. The bitterness of the eggplants will finish the meal. Eggplants must be kept in salt for at least 1 hour to remove this bitterness. There is usually no problem after this procedure. Multi-core eggplants will spoil the image. For this, white and seedless eggplant should be selected.

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