What to Do With Dry Beans

Due to the nutritional habits of people, some foods are known as inseparable pairs. Of course, as a society, evaluations made in this context are generally accepted.

For example, if there are beans in the meal, it is expected to have rice with it. These requests are considered to be based on an established logic among people by the society.

Apart from rice, macaroni and tzatziki can be preferred along with the dried beans .

How to Prepare Pilaf?

The rice, which is usually made by all housewives, is prepared by putting the rice in water and boiling it over low heat. Of course, the material to be used in this type of preparation is directly proportional to the skill of the person.

Dried Beans and Rice Serving

Generally, people prefer to eat these two dishes together, and many people prefer to pour dried beans on rice. This preference can consist entirely of a social perception.

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