What to do with Eggplant Kebab?

Eggplant kebab goes well with all meaty flavors. The tail fat must be added to the meatballs prepared for the eggplant kebab. Even the bottle arrangement should be made in the form of tomato, eggplant, tail fat, meatballs, tail fat, eggplant and pepper.

Tail fat should definitely come on both sides of the meat. This way, the meat will be cooked in a more enjoyable way.

Since the eggplant kebab belongs to the eastern cuisine, you need to decide whether it will suit your guests’ taste and pay attention to it. Below you can examine what can be done with Eggplant Kebab.

Spinach Soup

This soup should be in just 5 minutes. Do not boil too much or style too much. It also suits the menu as a very useful soup with its essence.

Zucchini Jewel

This wonderful flavor complements the Eggplant Kebab presentation.

Stuffed meatballs

İçli Köfte is a very valuable flavor and is enjoyed in every kitchen. Eggplant is a great flavor that will support the weight of the kebab.

Stuffed Arabic

It is made with sumac. More dried materials are preferred. It takes its place in the menu very successfully.

Bulgur Rice

Bulgur Pilaf should be alongside the Eggplant Kebab and should also be eaten.

Shredded dough baked in syrup topped with crushed nuts

There is always someone who wants dessert. If you run out of Eggplant Kebab, you can go to Tel Kadaifis.

The thing to note for eggplant kebab is that the eggplants are seedless and large. However, this width should not be understood from the empty eggplant.

While some eggplants are chosen lower for the cauliflower, the eggplants that should be used here should be chosen larger. It is an important detail to remove the bitter water of these eggplants.

The bitter water of the eggplants kept in salt water for 1 hour will come out. It is strictly not recommended to use eggplants without bitterness.

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