What to Do with Liver Roasting

Whether you roast beef liver or lamb liver, you will be faced with an excellent taste. You can give your palate a feast of taste with roasted liver, which is a great choice especially for meat lovers. Chicken liver will be a delicious choice in addition to beef and lamb liver.

You can double the flavor of your table with some dishes you can cook alongside roasted liver. Some dishes you can cook alongside roasted liver are as follows:

Onion Salad

A delicious onion salad with olive oil and sumac is a must for liver dishes. You should definitely include onion salad, which is in perfect harmony with roasted liver, on your tables.


Blarney, a delicious appetizer, can accompany most of the meat dishes. When it comes to liver, the place of the blarney is not discussed.

Seasonal Salad

For those who do not prefer onion salad, an alternative seasonal salad will accompany the liver roast nicely. Seasonal salad, which you can enrich according to the season, will go very well with roasted liver when olive oil is added.


Cacik, which includes diced salad, olive oil and some greens, accompanies most dishes, as well as sautéed liver, which creates a nice flavor.


It is also a great drink choice in addition to roasting turnip liver, which goes well with all other meat dishes. If you wish, you can drink the turnip next to the roasted liver, if you wish, without any pain.

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