What to Do with Liver Sauce

It takes its place in our tables from the past to the present without compromising the taste of sautéed liver. We recommend you to use veal liver when making liver sauté, which is a very delicious dish. You can double the flavor of your dinner with some dishes you will cook with liver sautéed, which is a meal you can enjoy with pleasure.

Some dishes that can be eaten with liver sautéed are as follows.


Blarney, which is eaten well with many dishes, will leave a nice taste on your palate when it is also served with liver sauté.


It makes no difference with bulgur, rice, noodles, shallots or chickpeas. Pilaf is included in almost every dish as a satisfying flavor. Pilaf will take its place on your table as the best meal along with liver and sauté.


Salad made with seasonal ingredients or onion salad made by adding plenty of olive oil and sumac will be a nice pair with liver sauté.


We can easily choose liverwort with liver sauté, a taste that we often use on our tables and we cannot miss out on most dishes. If we have sautéed liver on our table, tzatziki is a must for that dish. You can decorate it with greens such as dill, mint, parsley.


We look for a drink while eating almost every meal. Ayran and carbonated drinks can also be preferred, but the place of turnip is always different. Liver can also be preferred as a nice drink next to sauté.

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