What to do with Meat Chickpea Meal?

Different alternatives can be considered in addition to the meat chickpea dish. Chickpea is among the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine. For this reason, everyone continues their life by loving chickpeas because they grew up accustomed to eating chickpeas. When cooking chickpeas, it is important to use meat with bones.

Thanks to this, chickpeas can be more dense. Bringing the marrows in the bones to the water of the food will increase the flavor much more. There are some things to consider when making chickpeas. These;

Chickpeas are kept in salt water 24 hours before. This time should pass in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the chickpeas are fermented.

After boiling chickpeas, the water should never be poured. The custom of boiling and pouring chickpeas once is common in society so that it does not cause gas. This is very wrong. Chickpeas waiting in water for 24 hours do not cause gas problems. As the chickpea boils, removing the foam that forms on it also eliminates the gas problem.

If 1 teaspoon of cumin is added to the chickpea dish, the dish will be more delicious and the risk of gas complaints will be zero. Cumin also has a nerve-soothing side.

If it is necessary to prepare a menu for chickpeas, the following list can serve as an example.

Red Pepper Soup

A pack of red pepper, which you will throw in your freezer during the summer months, will be very useful for this menu.

Seasonal Salad

Green salad is suitable for Meat Chickpea dish. Pomegranate syrup would go well with this salad.


Eggplant and pickled peppers would go well with this wonderful dish.

Cabbage with Olive Oil

This olive oil dish, also called Kapuska, can be a nice alternative for a very nice winter meal.


It is more suitable without noodle. Chickpeas and rice pilaf are in love with each other. All your guests will join in this love with great pleasure.


Here’s a taste of the oldies. Therefore, you can end your meaty chickpea night with this delicious dessert.

Double roasted small Turkish delights will suit this feast very well with coffee. Homemade sherbets can also be added to the water during the meal.

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