What to do with Meat Potato Meal?

Meat and potato dish can always be defined as a dish that people of all ages will enjoy. Since everyone loves potatoes, especially the meat potato dish can be a risk-free choice for a very good feast. Being able to present this dish very elegantly will bring success in the main course.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the dishes to be served to the guests are especially dense. In this way, it will be possible to decorate the plate. What can be more enjoyable with meat potatoes?

Chestnut Soup

Cream can also be added to chestnut soup, which is a very special soup, so that the soup will have a much more intense and unique flavor. Products sold as ready-made cream in the market can be preferred here. Homemade milk cream can also be used for this.

But for guests, the natural cream can be risky as it can smell a little. It would be beneficial for you to try and see it beforehand and make the decision accordingly.

Leaf Wrapping

Stuffed leaves with olive oil go well with any meal on the table, but create a different harmony with the meaty potato dish. If you slide pine nuts, cinnamon and currants into the leaf wraps, your stuffing will become even more delicious. Leaving thin lemon slices on them while bringing them to the table will also change the atmosphere of your table.

Seasonal Salad

Corn always suits the salad, but the salad with plenty of corn is something else in this menu. It is very important here that the corn is well boiled. There is no consistency problem for instant corn.

Meatballs with Kashar Bulgur and Meatballs

It is recommended to bring these delicacies to the table as a hot starter, or even to serve this service on the table with a heated serving apparatus.

Baked Pasta

It is the flavor that best suits this dish.

Chocolate souffle

The ultimate bonfire for anyone who likes chocolate.

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