What To Do With Tea

From breakfast to 5 o’clock in the evening, what goes with the tea we consume in our lives with love?

Especially in the 5 o’clock tea we make with our neighbors, the most suitable things are the food we make as a snack.

Torsi that we served together with the vicious are among the most worthy cost. Among the foods we want to serve salty, it is pastry, salty cookies or the pastry we call 3-2-1 pastry , known for its practical preparation.

We can enrich the list of pastries that you will make by hand, that will go well with tea.

Among the sweet treats, the best treat to go with tea is the mother cake . The sweet treats that follow are; Semolina halva, flour cookie, valerian cake, weeping cake, mole cake and German cake are among our recommendations.

The best thing to go with tea during evening chats is of course crocus.

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