What to Drink with Raw Meatballs

Recently, raw meatballs, which are very popular, have become one of the favorite dishes of people of all ages. You can choose cigkofte, with or without spicy meat, that best suits your taste, at any time of the day. Of course, raw meatballs will disturb your stomach when eaten alone.

As with any meal, you may need a drink. You can find the answer to the question of what to drink with raw meatballs in the rest of our article. Bon Appetit to you all


A salty buttermilk, which is indispensable especially in summer days, will leave a better taste on your palate when drunk with raw meatballs. You can decorate the yarran, which is both beneficial and delicious, with dill, cucumber or various greens and increase its flavor.


Vitamin store, turnip, which is a delicious drink, is a drink you should definitely choose if you have raw meatballs at dinner and are looking for something to drink. Depending on the bitter state of your raw meatballs, you can also drink the turnip with or without pain.

Carbonated Drinks

Along with raw meatballs, carbonated drinks are the most ideal beverage to drink, just like yarran and turnip. Cola is an example of plain or flavored sodas. When drunk with raw meatballs, it facilitates digestion and relaxes your stomach.


Besides raw meatballs, fruit juice, which is an alternative drink, will accompany the raw meatballs well.


According to your preference, one of the drinks that can accompany raw meatballs is rake.

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