What to Eat Next to Baked Sea Bass

Sea bass, one of the delicious fish types, can be prepared by frying or baking in the oven. When cooked in the oven, it is much less fatty, easy to digest and light. When eating sea bass in the oven, you get the taste and smell of the fish, not the taste of fried heavy oil. The fish, which is cooked slowly in its own juice, becomes soft and tasty. Baked sea bass is a healthy dish that almost everyone will love, even to babies.


A blarney with lots of onions can be preferred next to the sea bass in the oven. You can add parsley to the blarney and sprinkle black olives to prepare a delicious plate that appeals to the eye.

Roasted Eggplant

You can offer an appetizer made of roasted eggplant with fish. After roasting the eggplants on fire, you can add garlic, vinegar and olive oil to your preference and make a pleasant appetizer.

Mashed Potatoes

Potato dishes go well with the fish. A mashed potato with butter and cheddar cheese can be served in the oven alongside the sea bass. If you want, you can put a few slices of potatoes into the tray where you cook the fish and let them cook together. In this way, you get delicious potatoes cooked with the fish’s juice.


You can eat rice pilaf in addition to the baked sea bass. You can also make rice with vegetables if you wish. Thus, your plate will be colored and your rice will be more nutritious and delicious.

Boiled Broccoli

You can serve steamed broccoli by pouring just a little salt or mixing it with olive oil and lemon. The important thing here is to boil your vegetables in a short time not to lose their vitality, not until they soften and dissolve thoroughly.

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