What to Eat with Artichokes

Artichoke is the queen of olive oil dishes, which are too useful to count. Liver-friendly artichoke is a type of vegetable dish that can be cooked with olive oil and orange juice.

Considering its health benefits, it would be a more appropriate choice to consume it with its leaves.

What are the flavors that can be presented with artichokes?

This dish, which can be served with fresh vegetables, is one of the indispensable olive oil flavors of fish tables. Artichoke, a flavor that can be served in many restaurants with sea bass, is very often preferred by those who love vegetable dishes with olive oil.

It is also one of the vegetables that can be served with many options with grills and kebabs . Artichoke pan with shrimp is also among the tastes you can offer to your guests in your homes.

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