What to Eat with Bonito?

From the beginning of the bonito season, all fish markets, markets and markets are full of this delicious fish. Bonito is a type of fish that can be both fried and baked in the oven. When it is fried, it gains a distinct flavor, and when it is cooked in the oven with its own juice, it becomes soft.


Suitable for almost all fish types, potatoes can also be served with bonito. You can fry it if you wish, you can cook it with fish in the oven if you wish, or you can puree by adding butter if you wish.

Green salad

You can prepare a mixed plate by using fresh salad ingredients such as fresh mint, arugula, dill, basil, cherry tomatoes, purslane. The more ingredients you add while preparing a green salad, the better taste you will get. One of the best foods with fish is undoubtedly fresh greens.

Yoghurt Appetizers

In addition to fish, yoghurt appetizers are generally preferred. This could be Russian salad, carrot salad or purslane with yogurt. Consuming yogurt with fish prevents a possible risk of poisoning and gives a pleasant coolness.


Blarney is a type of salad that can be consumed with bonito. It is eaten cold and has plenty of onions. You can make your blarney more delicious by adding vinegar and pomegranate syrup.

Roasted Eggplant

When grilled, eggplant gets a taste that goes well with many dishes. Even someone who does not like eggplant dishes may like it. You can get a delicious appetizer by adding vinegar, garlic and olive oil to roasted eggplant. Adding roasted capias pepper to this delicious dish will enrich its taste.

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