What to Eat with Bulgur

Bulgur pilaf is actually the most traditional dish we eat. Bulgur pilaf, which comes from centuries ago, is the most natural food that keeps people full.

Bulgur is a food that is cooked in every house in villages and cities in ancient times and is not missing in every restaurant. Bulgur pilaf is actually one of the most versatile foods.

Considering which foods go with bulgur pilaf; Pickles are one of the main foods, and bulgur pilaf is a must along with dry beans or chickpeas as the main course .

But today, people prefer rice pilaf instead of bulgur pilaf. It is not among the foods consumed by humans.

In addition to bulgur pilaf, airman salad also goes and gives a distinct taste. We can cut the onion and consume it with the dried beans or rice that we add to the rice.

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