What to Eat with Stuffed Eggplant?

Stuffed eggplant is often found in South Eastern cuisine. Even in these regions, aubergines are dried and stuffed with dried aubergines are made in winter. Another name for dolma made with eggplant is Arup Dolma. Various heavy spices suitable for this filling are added.

For oriental cuisine, multi-meat stuffed eggplant can also be eaten as a main course. Tail fat is also added to the stuffed Aram in this kitchen.

In this way, dolmans are very satisfying. The following alternatives can be used on a table with Stuffed Eggplant.

Spinach Soup

When there is no purslane, this vegetable also grows to help.

Purslane Soup (Partake)

Purslane soup, known as Partake, is definitely made with Arabian Dolma. When the season does not allow purslane to be found, it is closed with spinach. Soup is drunk with tzatziki style in these dishes. In other words, the bowls stand in front during the meal and are filled as they are finished.

Cheesy pastry

Cheese laying on the table will add pleasure to the pastry.

Raw Meatballs

One of the tastes best suited to Stuffed Eggplant is Çiğ Köfte.

Green beans

The king of the olive oil people, the cleaner who throws the poisons from the body, and a dish that goes well with the stuffed eggplant.

Pistachio Kadaifi

The satisfaction of the dance ending with dessert will be read through the eyes of all your guests.

When Stuffed Eggplant is made without meat, it can be served very well for tea times. In addition, cold stuffed eggplant, which is meatless, is also widely used as an appetizer. However, for the appetizer, it is important to have a more delicious result made from eggplant which is absolutely dried. A bitter flavor can also be used in these stuffing’s.

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