What to Eat with Trout

The place of fish in Turkish cuisine is undeniably important. We are a nation that loves to consume all kinds of fish and can prepare a wide variety of dishes from fish.

We have a culinary culture that likes to eat all kinds of fish, small and large, and evaluates the fish fed in our waters extremely well.

How to Eat Trout?

Trout can be eaten as grilled, trout on tile with butter is great, it can be steamed, it can be eaten by frying in oil in a pan. It is a delicious fish in every way.

What goes with trout?

When eating trout, as with any fish, arugula salad or tomato salad, lettuce salad, that is, any kind of salad goes well.

If you fry the onions in the pan and fry the tomatoes on the side, it will be very good with the fish.

It goes very well with a nice halva for dessert .

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