What to Go with Hasanpaşa Meatballs

Hasanpaşa meatballs is a dish that those who do not eat miss a lot and those who eat can never give up. This dish, which is enjoyed by everyone from seven to seventy, will give a feast of taste to both your eyes and your palate. With Hasanpaşa meatballs, you can make your meals perfect with a few dishes of your choice.


With cheese, sauce, yoghurt, tomato paste or plain… Pasta, which is easy to make with all kinds of varieties, will become both satisfying and delicious when eaten with hasanpaşa meatballs.


Rice, which goes well with almost every dish, is a must for Hasanpaşa meatballs. If you want, rice that you can make with vegetables, vermicelli or chickpeas will make a great match with Hasanpaşa meatballs.


You can enjoy the soup, which is a great choice to start a meal, before Hasanpaşa meatballs. You can choose lentil, highland, tarhana or ezogelin soup.


A salad with olive oil and plenty of onions, which you will decorate with plenty of greens, will also make a great match with Hasanpaşa meatballs. Do not miss the salad, which you can enrich with various ingredients, on your tables.

Kidney Bean Stew with Olive Oil

Bean stew with olive oil, which is a wonderful complementary appetizer, is also a dish you can use alongside Hasanpaşa meatballs. You can serve the extremely delicious red bean stew with olive oil with Hasanpaşa meatballs and enjoy it.

Cacik or Ayran

Besides Hasanpaşa meatballs, you can also choose cacık or ayran. A tzatziki garnished with lots of garlic and dill will make a great dinner.

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