What to Go With Meat Potatoes

Bulgur pilaf and tzatziki can be served with the meat potato dish . Potato with meat, which is a very special taste, can be prepared as a comprehensive meal with its satisfying feature. Those who wish can cook the food without frying the potatoes, and those who wish can turn the fried potatoes into a juicy meal.

The peppery bulgur pilaf to be prepared can be placed next to the plate where the meat and potatoes are placed, or it can be served separately.

The main course, accompanied by a salad of peas and carrots, also contributes to a pleasant visual presentation with ayran or tzatziki .

Bulgur pilaf ; Onions and finely chopped peppers to be prepared beforehand are lightly roasted and one measure of bulgur can be cooked with two measures of water.

The garnishes to be added to the bulgur pilaf will ensure that a colorful meal is prepared, and in this way, it will attract more attention of the children.

For Cacik ; Finely chopped cucumbers can be diluted with yoghurt with or without garlic, depending on preference.

The olive oil to be dripped on the cacık placed in the bowls and the dried mint to be sprinkled by shaping will be a sign of the care you show to your family or guests. Those who want to serve buttermilk instead of tzatziki can offer mint buttermilk, which is the most popular choice of recent times.

On a table where meat and potatoes are served, optionally, cider or hot pepper pickles can be prepared. A fresh and rich multigrain bread will provide a complete table setting. Bon appetit .

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