Which Salad Goes With Alexander?

It is not considered customary to eat salad with Iskender. But there are also people who do not sit at the table without salad. In fact, eating salad is always healthy for the whole body. For this reason, all experts recommend eating a small bowl of salad before each meal in terms of pulp. The pulp is important for the common bacteria in the intestines. Because the pulp plays a role in scavenging harmful bacteria in the intestines. Therefore, it should be preferred to eat the salad at every meal.

Iskender is a flavor unique to Bursa. Today, there is no need to go to Bursa to eat Iskender. Now every city can find the right addresses that make Alexander. And although making Iskender is difficult, it can be done.

There are also Alexander making apparatuses for this. Or Iskender can also be cooked in the oven. This completely depends on the skill and preference of the person. In Iskender, veal is definitely used.

But those who prefer lamb can also use lamb. Since lamb does not accept hormones, it is known as the healthiest meat on the market. For this reason, lamb meat should be preferred more in every meal. Below are alternatives for those who want to eat salad with İskender.


This salad is a salad that comes to the table without being chopped and can be easily eaten with the help of a cutlery. For those who want to eat salad, it is among the suitable salads next to doner kebab.


This salad is a very fun and very tasty salad. It is possible for walnut lovers to enjoy this salad with doner kebab.

Spoon Salad

If you prefer an easily edible salad and you want to eat the salad even with Iskender, this salad fits both you and the menu.

Shepherd salad

If the season is summer, then this salad with red tomatoes, fragrant cucumbers, and crispy green peppers will go well on the table and on the palate.

Radish Salad

This salad is usually eaten grated. This salad, which is indispensable next to fish, is also successful with İskender.

Red Cabbage Salad

With vinegar and lemon, this salad goes from color to color. Flavor also touches the soul in various notes. There should be red cabbage salad on a table where doner is eaten. It’s definitely worthy.

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