Which Salad Goes With Rice?

Pilaf, which has an important place in Turkish cuisine, has 70-80 different types. Rice pilaf, which often decorates our tables today and in the past, combines with different vegetables and ingredients to create delicious flavors.

Rice pilaf, which could be eaten on special occasions in the past, is a nutritious and satisfying meal that has started to be consumed more on our tables with the growing of rice today.

What are the salads to serve with rice pilaf?

Rice pilaf is served with many different dishes, but it will add flavor to the salad to be made with it. Shepherd’s Salad, Walnut Spoon Salad are salads that go well with rice pilaf.

Mediterranean salad can be served with seasonal greens and rice pilaf. In addition , a full meal can be created with tuna salads and salads consisting of chicken pieces.

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