Which Soup Goes With The Fish?

Of course, fish, which is a great food source, has many benefits for our body. Fish, which is recommended by doctors to be eaten twice a week, positively affects the cardiovascular health. Fish, which significantly reduces blood pressure, also reduces the risk of heart attack. Being a very good source of protein, fish also contributes to the general health of the body as it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Anchovies, bonito, mackerel, haddock, bluefish… You can place a variety of fish that will not end up counting, whichever is more suitable for your taste. Fish, all of which are delicious and beneficial, are the source of vitamins on our tables.

You made your fish and your salad is ok. So, what soup goes with the fish? The medical world is divided into two in terms of consuming foods containing milk and dairy products in addition to fish. Some doctors argue that this is inconvenient, while some people think it will not be a problem. However, we recommend that you stay away from soups containing milk and dairy products. Tarhana and plateau soup is one of the soups that is recommended to be avoided because it contains yoghurt.

So, what soup can you have with the fish for the perfect dinner? Here are some examples for you:

Lentil soup

You can consume lentil soup, which fits perfectly with almost every meal, with fish, easily and with pleasure. Lentil soup, which is both hearty and delicious, will be a complementary flavor next to fish.

Ezogelin Soup

Ezogelin soup, which is unique to Turkish cuisine, is also one of the soups you can consume with fish. You can place ezogelin soup, which is rich in flavor and vitamins, in your tables with fish.

Tomato soup

If you are looking for a light, tasty and satisfying soup, tomato soup is just for you. Fish and tomato soup will be in perfect harmony.

Noodle Soup

Again, vermicelli soup, which you can eat as a light soup with fish, will also be a complementary flavor.

Lentil Noodle Soup

Those who are looking for a truly satisfying soup with fish can include lentil noodle soup in their tables without hesitation.

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